Bordeaux’s first avocado bar

It is between Gambetta and Mériadeck that this new kind of bar has launched its restaurant to bring you the most delicious avocado-based recipes.

Healthy, greedy, and ethical!

Healthy, seasonal avocado cuisine that is as local and organic as possible.

I will only eat in the presence of my avocado.

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Quality products

Engaged and local cuisine

Environmentally friendly suppliers and care about people who work there

Aid to local associations

Our motto at AVOCADELICE is simple: to have pleasure by eating quality products that can both delight our taste buds with a combination of subtle and delicate flavors while taking care of our health, and to offer you the most local cuisine possible and engaged.

Our suppliers are carefully selected to adhere to these principles and we also take great interest in their paying special attention to the environment and care about the people who work there.

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